CleanWaves: maternity dress

CleanWaves: maternity dress

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Protection of the Mother and Unborn Child

Since EMF radiation can alter the DNA of your child, you certainly do not want that to happen. Do you? However, it is important to note that Green Shield does not claim to offer full protection from the EMF radiation that comes from your smart devices; such as a phone, or tablet. However, some users have claimed that it does block a lot of cell phone signals.

EMF Radiation Protection For Mothers

To enhance the overall safety of mothers and the unborn kids, the anti-radiation Maternity Dress will come in handy in getting the job done.

These dresses are part of the latest technology that is bent at ensuring total protection against all forms of EMF radiation.

These dresses work like regular clothes with the only difference being the materials used which keep the radiation at bay.

On that note, let us have a look at the features that will ensure you stay clear of EMF radiation.

Benefits of anti-radiation maternity dress.

The features of a product determine its performance, and anti-radiation dresses are no exception to this rule.

These dresses have some fantastic features which will go a long way in ensuring that they serve you in the best possible way.

Quality Material

Anti-radiation dresses are made from different materials which will ensure you are protected from EMF radiation, and at the same time, you will look good and feel comfortable.

The anti-radiation dresses are made from 49% of silver fiber and 51% sanitized cotton


You must be thinking that this anti-radiation dress is a form of body armor that is uncomfortable to wear. Well, this is not the case.

This anti-radiation dress works like any other piece of clothing with the only difference being that it has features that help keep away EMF radiation.

The anti-radiation dress will prove to be quite comfortable and fashionable. Additionally, cleaning this dress does not require any special methods or equipment.

Cleaning this dress simply requires you to just hand wash it, and you can rest assured that you will not damage the non-lead metal fiber.

To avoid ruining the dress, avoid bleaching or dry cleaning. You can also wash it with other hand washed garments.

Fits Perfectly and Comes in navy blu and white

Depending on your body size, this anti-radiation dress will prove to be very beneficial. However, it is essential that you check your size with the GreenShield dressmakers to ensure a comfortable fit.

Does Not Wear Out Easily

When you acquire this anti-radiation dress, you can rest assured that it will serve you after the first pregnancy.

The materials used in making this dress are so durable you can use the same dress for all your future pregnancies.

Another wonderful aspect of this dress is, it is not only limited to when you are pregnant. You can still wear it whenever you feel you are visiting an area where the radiation levels are high.

Why You Need to Buy Anti-Radiation Maternity Clothes

Apart from being able to stay clear of EMF radiation and looking fashionable, this anti-radiation dress is available at reasonable prices. (check your closest Green Shield dealer)

This is designed to ensuring that every mother gets an opportunity to protect her baby from EMF’s irrespective of financial influence.

So, it’s about time for your baby to come. The long wait and impatience have finally come to an end.

The shopping, painting of the baby’s room, etc. is all done, and now everybody is expecting the cries to ring out announcing the addition to your family.

While shopping and putting together what you need, you may, like many other expectant couples or mothers, ignore some things which are of utmost importance primarily for the safety of the unborn child.

It will not look necessary, but by the time you go through this article thoroughly, you will find out why anti-maternity clothes are becoming so popular.

Your baby is coming into a world of great convenience where everything’s made easy by electronics, from communication to heating water, etc. But all of this comes at a particularly unpleasant price which is most detrimental to our health.

One of such inconveniences will be the subtle killers – Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). These and other waves are produced from our usage of everyday electronics.

Click on the following link to learn more about EMF and our CleanWaves Technology

Composition: 49% Silver Fiber 50% Sanitized cotton.

Production: 100% Made in Italy.

Guarantee on the shielding fabric: 10 years.

Protected area: the entire white surface blocks emissions and protects the body of the pregnant woman and the child over its entire surface.



CleanWaves Manuals ITA

CleanWaves Manuals ENG

CleanWaves Manuals FRA


  • Total protection of the area of the pregnant women and children from geomagnetic electro-magnetic waves, or emitted by radio bridges or electronic and electronic equipment of any kind, over the entire area delimited by the white fabric;
  • possible elimination of illness, dizziness, loss of orientation, imbalance, mood swings of a nature not otherwise specified;
  • protection of the electromagnetic and electrochemical well-being of the mother and the unborn child.

For information on prices and availability scroll below and check your closest green shield dealer or send an email

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