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What are Magnetic and Electrical Fields?

Let us look at what these radiations are all about. Firstly, electrical fields are produced by differences in voltage. The electrical field is stronger when the voltage is higher.

Meanwhile, magnetic fields are created when electrical current moves. Tthe field is stronger when the current is higher.

These two interact daily to provide us the energy we need to run the many appliances that we need. Their actions equally result in emitting electromagnetic waves.

We cannot see these different fields produced daily, like the electrical field which is produced by a thunderstorm, or the compass that uses the earth’s magnetic field to trace and show north.

These are all-natural productions of both fields, but man has produced electromagnetic waves of different frequencies and wavelengths to help in achieving his various needs.

Like X-rays, which are used for diagnosing broken bones, or the high-frequency electromagnetic waves which are used for tv signal transmissions or radio transmission, even the electrical socket at home has a low electromagnetic field. It is all around us.

All of this happens with us being totally unaware of it, but with long-term effects. These are the source of radiations which affect us in different ways.

What is Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation

Electromagnetic fields with different frequencies and wavelengths have different characteristics and effects.

Quanta are particles that carry electromagnetic waves. Quanta of higher frequency have shorter wavelengths, while quanta that have a low frequency have longer wavelengths.

The shorter wavelengths carry more energy than waves with longer wavelengths. Some electromagnetic waves carry so much energy per quantum that they can break molecular bonds, and these are known as ionizing radiations.

Examples of these include but are not limited to; cosmic waves, radioactive waves, X-rays, etc. Meanwhile, EMF with low energy that cannot break molecular bonds are known as non-ionizing and include human-made electricity, microwaves, etc.

Exposure to electromagnetic fields has been shown to cause certain cancers, reproductive problems in both men and women and, some immune system abnormalities.

Research has also shown that ionizing radiation will affect unborn babies. Let us look at some of them.

  • Research has shown that unborn children exposed to EMF during pregnancy have the risk of having asthma when born. In this particular study, scientists strapped EMF monitors on pregnant women to monitor their levels of EMF exposure. It was observed that women who were exposed to EMFs the most including from hair dryers, microwaves and power lines, had a threefold chance of giving birth to a child who would have asthma as compared to those with less exposure.
  • DNA and micronucleus generation has been observed with EMF exposure, one of such in vitro and in vivo researches found. These are indications of genotoxicity, which is a dangerous finding especially at the zygotic, embryonic, and fetal stages of growth.
  • The Medical Hypotheses Journal, in its March 10, 2004 and 2006 reports, talked of research that showed that women exposed to high levels of radiation during pregnancy have a higher risk of giving birth to a child with autism. Other researchers have confirmed these findings.

Are Anti-Radiation Clothes Necessary?

For an expectant mother for exmple, nothing is more important than the safety of her child.

Since that is the case, you must protect yourself and child from damaging radiations. I believe you must do everything to protect your helpless child.

One way of doing that is by blocking the number of waves that come to your unborn child through you. This can be done by getting an anti-radiation maternity dress.

  • They have been proven to help reduce the exposure; especially, when a reputable company produces it. These clothes;
  • Are made of comfortable metal fiber, 50% cotton, and 15 % polyester. This makes it quite comfortable to wear while ensuring your baby has the needed protection.
  • They come in different shapes and sizes and is quite comfortable for any shape.
  • It provides 35db RF radiation attenuation from 10MHz to 3GHz. This provides a broader range to cover different types of electronics.
  • Using EMF meters, it has been shown that quality anti-radiation clothing stops 99% of dangerous radiation. These clothes were tested at an accredited lab and verified to have an attenuation rating of 30 to 35 db and blocks, as stated above, 99% of radiations.

It is of great importance that you give your baby a fighting chance coming into the world and prevent anything that is even slightly detrimental to his or her, well-being.

Anti-radiation maternity wears have been proven to help keep your baby away from dangerous radiations so that when your baby comes into the world, he or she, is strong and healthy.

Get your anti-radiation maternity wear for the sake of your baby. It is affordable and indispensable, in this electronic age we live in.

Whether you are pregnant or not, the anti-radiation dress will come in handy in guaranteeing total protection for you from the different forms of radiation.

Therefore, if you are worried about radiation affecting you or your unborn baby, you now have an opportunity to remedy the situation, and this will be achieved by acquiring the anti-radiation dress.

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