CleanWaves Technologies

EMF Radiation is a global concern. Do you perhaps suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), or are you concerned about the dangers of EMF and 5G? “CleanWaves” anti-radiation clothing line and accessories will protect you and your family. GreenShield and CleanWaves Technology eliminates the Risk of EMF. Proven to block 99% of harmful radiation. Certified and tested. Caps, Jackets, Trousers, Shorts, Shirts, Maternity dress, accessories and more…

CleanWaves devices are made of technical fabric (anti-allergic cotton) inside which a thread composed of different metals is braided, and are used to protect living beings from electromagnetic pollution generated by electronic devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones, as well as , above all, from the telecommunications networks they use to relate to the world (telephony, wi-fi and 5G neo-technology), unfortunately increasingly common in the environments in which we live.
The operation of the CleanWaves devices is very simple, as it is based on one of the most classic examples of official physics: the Faraday cage.

By Faraday cage is meant any system consisting of a container made of electrically conductive material (or conductive cable) capable of isolating the internal environment from any electrostatic field present outside it, however intense this may be.

CleanWaves technology therefore produces for our bodies a “quiet zone”, within which anyone can benefit from the “almost electromagnetic silence” of nature. In this way, even those who are not dealing with physical pains, for which the SoftMAG Technology based on universal magneto-gravitational fields has been studied, still have the possibility of restoring the balance of one’s thoughts and body to extremely simple way.
Shielding yourself from electrosmog is now very simple.

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