Life Pen

Life Pen

Item n. LP-0119

Green Shield’s Life Pen is used to reduce pain. Generating its own plasmatic Magravs fields, the Life Pen emits plasma fields that penetrate up to 5cm below the skin, helping to bring the body back to balance.

This plasmatic device uses the energy of nano-coated copper, combined with magnetical and gravitational forces, to relieve pain and to energize. The nano coated copper coils and inner wire will restore balance in the gravitational and magnetical fields of the body area that it is pointed at. 

A selection of GANSes are also used on each coil and the central pin to harness different energies. Our bodies cause pain when the electrical impulses (very tiny) which tell our cells what to do are blocked from doing their job. This can be caused through injury, inflamation or other causes.  This device unblocks these flows and relieves pain. It will not cure the underlying problem.

The pen can be used in 3 ways:

1​   Point directly at the area of pain
2​  Use the reflexology points on your hands or feet to target areas of deeper pain.
3​  Place in a glass or jug of water and leave for at least 30mins to energize the water. It may have a tingle on the tongue at first. Many people find they have more energy and require less food, as their energy needs are being met by the plasma directly.

DO NOT point at the brain. DO NOT use on or close to implanted devices.

Used for muscle pain, jointpain, toothache, wound pain, burns, bites, sting, backache.

Can be used in conjunction with other SoftMAG devices.

External casing description:

Made in PLA which is an innovative bioplastic. It is a material derived from the transformation of sugars present in corn, beetroot, sugar cane and other natural and renewable materials and not derived from oil (unlike traditional plastic) This bioplastic is biodegradable and compostable so it quickly degrades in the soil once the necessary temperature and humidity conditions are reached.

Materials and production: 100% Italy.

Warranty: Unlimited

Downloadable manuals: 

Green Shield Life Pen manual FR-EN

Green Shield Life Pen manual IT-EN

Certification of compliance n. 1847841

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