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We can’t stop using electronic devices, now they play crucial roles in everyone’s lives. Fortunately, you no longer need to worry about being hit by radiation: just dress in Green Shield CleanWaves clothing.



CleanWaves line: features

Colors: white, navy blue.

Composition: 25% non-toxic metal fiber, 55% cotton, 20% polyester.

Washing: strictly by hand.

Clothing lines: ‘Total Protection’, ‘Zero Point’.

Absorbed wavelengths: from 1 to 18 Ghz


CleanWaves line: insights

The electromagnetic spectrum indicates the set of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.

The entire spectrum is divided into the visible part, which gives life to the light, and the non-visible parts (of wavelengths greater or less than those of the visible spectrum).

The waves of length in the interval between visible light and low intensity radio waves, have little energy, are not very harmful, but the radiations between ultraviolet and gamma rays have more energy, they are ionizing and can therefore seriously damage the living being.

Unfortunately they are not the only ones: at the lower end of the electromagnetic spectrum there are long waves at very low frequency (ELF). They commonly emanate from the 50 and 60 hertz power lines that feed our homes and can pose health risks especially when living beings are subjected to it for prolonged periods, an example that affects almost all the inhabitants of the western world.

On the high end of the electromagnetic spectrum, then, there are radiofrequency (RF) radiations. These are issued by mobile phones, cordless phones, mobile antennas, transmission towers, electrical safety systems and many other technological devices.

In principle, the higher the frequency, the greater the risk to health. Microwaves, for example, are very high-frequency radiation that can represent a significant risk. One of the main problems of our modern life is that mobile phones do their very intensive use.

How can electromagnetic waves be dangerous?

Bioelectric signals help regulate many processes within the human body. Science states that every single cell that makes up a living being has its own CEM. Precisely for this reason, living in the presence of strong artificial electromagnetic fields can interfere with the natural progression of the bioelectric communication of our body, causing the risk that its electrochemical balance is seriously compromised. The health risks are obvious and in many areas of research it is believed that they extend well beyond current biochemical and medical knowledge. We are talking about a very wide range of contexts: from the sleep cycle to the management of stress levels, from the immune system to, even, the most profoundly DNA-related processes.

In addition to telecommunications installations of all kinds, high-voltage lines, electronics, home automation, smart meters and the simple use of electricity, even the natural geomagnetic radiation emanating from certain areas of the subsoil can constitute certain cases a hidden source of electrical pollution. Living with them can have serious health implications.

In addition, very few travelers are aware of the amount of radiation they are exposed to in aircraft, cars, trucks, buses, trains and even motorcycles.

Electromagnetic radiation is composed simultaneously of electric fields and magnetic fields.

When we use any appliance, we inevitably produce electromagnetic waves.

Whether they are aware of it or not, these fields exist and, in the long run, compromise health and quality of life.

The electric fields are:

– created by the presence of electric charges (electric current);

– however present when any appliance is connected to the mains (even if switched off);

– blocked by metal meshes and enclosures or other specific types of barriers;

– of power proportional to the electric charges that generate them.

The magnetic fields are:

– created by the movement of electric charges (electric current);

– however present when any electrical appliance is in operation (when current flows inside it);

– difficult to hinder: steel and cement can penetrate, as well as the human body (which has the same air permeability, which is why we are able to do, for example, X-rays);

– of power proportional to the intensity of the electric currents that generate them.


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