SoftMAG Cervical Shield

SoftMAG Cervical Shield – Soft cervical collar

Item n. SMCS-0119


Structure: lycra, polyacrylic, sanitized cotton.

Closure: Velcro front

Materials and production: 100% Italy.

Warranty: 3 years.


SoftMAG cervical shield is a soft collar recommended for minor muscle spasm associated with spondylosis and cervical strains, acute pain associated with some degenerative diseases of cervical spine, acute torticollis. 

Technology description:

Plasma energy has the highest vibration, and helps our body (which also energetic in structure) to balance and heal everything what need to be healed and balanced. Check out SoftMAG Technology for more detailed informations about our technology.


  • Relieves neck and shoulder pains.
  • Relieves pain in the cervical vertebrae.
  • Relieves jaw pain.
  • Relieves tooth pain.
  • Relieves earache.
  • For the inflamed throat.
  • Promotes functional recovery and elimination of pain in muscles, bones and joints.
  • It can increase the vitality of cells and tissues.
  • It can promote and restore blood circulation.
  • It helps keep the neck in a normal position by facilitating the healing process.

Downloadable manuals: 

Cervical Shield IT EN

Cervical Shield FR EN

Certification of compliance n. 1811937

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