SoftMAG Knee Shield

SoftMAG Knee Shield – Band for the entire knee joint

Item n.. SMKC-0119


Structure: lycra, polyacrylic, sanitized cotton.

Closure: Velcro fastening.

Materials and production: 100% Italy.

Warranty: 3 years.


Downloadable manuals: 

Knee Shield IT EN

Knee Shield FR EN



  • Ideal for supporting the entire knee joint.
  • Relieves pain and muscle stiffness in the knee area.
  • Increases muscle and joint resistance.
  • Promotes functional recovery and elimination of pain in muscles, bones and joints.
  • Protects from cooling and can limit the risk of injury.
  • It stabilizes posture and can reduce pain.
  • It can increase the vitality of cells and tissues.
  • It can promote and restore blood circulation.
  • Keeps the knee in a normal position facilitating the healing process.



The easiest way to wear the knee brace is by sitting.

  • Position the band opening on the patella.
  • Wrap the lower part of the band around the leg making sure it is well stretched, and secure the tear-off closure.
  • Wrap the upper part of the band around the thigh verifying that it is well stretched, and fix the tear-off closure.
  • Adjust the Velcro fasteners so that the band is tight but comfortable to wear.

Certification of compliance n. 1811939

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