SoftMAG Plasma Posture Corrector Advanced Plus

SoftMAG Plasma posture corrector ADVANCED PLUS

Item n. SMPCAP-0119


Technology description:

Plasma energy has the highest vibration, and helps our body (which also energetic in structure) to balance and heal everything what need to be healed and balanced. 

Product description:

SoftMAG plasma posture corrector advanced plus is a Posture Corrector, Adjustable Shoulder, Back Waist Support Belt for Men and Women.

Correct your posture, relieve shoulders, spine and low back pain.

Struggling with a bad posture that makes you fall, bend and roll your shoulders?

We believe that now more than ever people find themselves increasingly developing bad posture due to their work environment and other factors. The upright posture and without back pain is something that not only makes you energetic but also confident. Finding a spine suitable for posture can help you restore the curvature of the spine by positioning your body in its natural alignment, thus preventing you from returning to your “bad habits”.

Closure: The premium velcro that crosses the stomach area helps to regulate the amount of tension, but also provides support for the abdomen which will appear tonic and flat.

Materials and production: 100% Italian. Quality is the heart to do everything. The adoption of high quality material and the deeper double stitching make the product very robust and resistant. It will last a lifetime.

Warranty: 3 years.


Downloadable manuals: 

Posture corrector ADVANCED PLUS IT EN

Posture corrector ADVANCED PLUS FR EN



SoftMAG plasma posture corrector advanced plus: Most posture correctors like our SoftMAG plasma posture corrector basic only supports shoulders.

However, our SoftMAG plasma posture corrector advanced plus has a shoulder support, a back support and a waist support for extra support to relieve back pain, spine pain and lombar pain and helps to naturally align the muscles and spine.

Easy to use: SoftMAG plasma posture corrector advanced plus has a main belt, two adjustable auxiliary belts, two adjustable shoulder straps, Nano-coated copper plates at the waist and a special method of reinforcement for sewing that allows the posture corrector a stronger support to correct the posture.

  • Helps relieve pressure on the shoulders and distributes it evenly over the upper back.
  • Its extra support in the lower back helps relieve back pain and naturally align the muscles and spine.
  • It features double-tear shoulder straps that can be adjusted for a perfect fit, which helps you grab yourself in the right place on your shoulders to attract natural alignment.
What are the advantages brought by good posture?
  • Better breathing
  • Build a stronger core
  • Help with weight loss
  • Improve your brain and memory
  • Look better and increase self-confidence
  • No more back pain thanks to the Plasma Technology
  • Protect yourself from injury
  • Improve your balance
  • Sleep better

SoftMAG postural corrector ADVANCED PLUS complies with the European CE standard regarding CLASS I medical devices products.

Certification of compliance  n. 1836668


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