SoftMAG Posture Corrector BASIC

SoftMAG posture corrector BASIC

Item n. SMPCB-0119


Technology description:

Plasma energy has the highest vibration, and helps our body (which also energetic in structure) to balance and heal everything what need to be healed and balanced. 

Product description:

SoftMAG plasma posture corrector BASIC Straighten Shoulders Bust, Adjustable Band for Men and Women

Improve your posture with SoftMAG postural BASIC corrector.

Do you find yourself hunched over at work? Or have you been sitting in front of your desk for years and do you get back and shoulder pain?

There is a solution that will not waste you time and that does not involve the expense of hundreds of euros for visits by medical specialists. With the SoftMAG postural BASIC corrector you will get the correct posture from the first use and you will see long-term results at a minimal cost!


Closure: Works by pulling back the shoulders and straightening the upper part of the back, reducing the pain in the upper part of it.

Materials and production: 100% Italian. Produced with durable and lightweight materials, it will not cause damage to your body. Excellent breathability and comfort. The neoprene shoulder strap will not compress your shoulders.

Warranty: 3 years.


Downloadable manuals: 

Posture Corrector BASIC FR EN

Posture Corrector BASIC IT EN



SoftMAG postural corrector BASIC: is designed to adapt to any type of back thanks to its adjustable tears. The ergonomic design ensures perfect mobility for the wearer. SoftMAG postural correctors are ideal for scoliosis, kyphosis, lower back pain, cervical decompression and other postural problems.

SoftMAG postural corrector BASIC: straightens the shoulders and the back from the first use, sensibly reducing your pains. Forget about back, shoulder and neck pain with our dorsal brace and find the well-being of a correct posture.

Easy to use:

SoftMAG postural corrector BASIC: it’s easy to put on and off like a backpack, you can use it under your clothes, without compromising your elegance. Very practical for daily activities, such as: Sport, work, study and even in moments of relaxation. You will not notice that you are wearing it.

  • Helps relieve pressure on the shoulders and distributes it evenly over the upper back.
  • Ideal if you suffer from posture disorders such as kyphosis, lordosis (APT), kyphoscoliosis and winged scapula.
What are the advantages brought by good posture?
  • Better breathing
  • Build a stronger core
  • Help with weight loss
  • Improve your brain and memory
  • Look better and increase self-confidence
  • No more back pain thanks to the Plasma Technology
  • Protect yourself from injury
  • Improve your balance
  • Sleep better

SoftMAG postural corrector BASIC complies with the European CE standard regarding CLASS I medical devices products.

Certification of compliance n. 1836654

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