SoftMAG Technologies


SoftMAG devices are made of neoprene and anti-allergic cotton, and are applied to areas of the body affected by pain.
SoftMAG Technology offers a natural alternative to the instruments normally used to alleviate pain caused by structural tissue changes and inflammation. Relief is quick and natural.
The technology we use produces universal magneto-gravitational fields, that is, designed to restore the normal balances of nature wherever applied. Interacting at low frequency (1-2 Hz) with the skin, the musculature and the osteo-articular apparatus of the host, SoftMAG Technology therefore has the ability to restore, with time, the original chemical, electrical and magneto-gravitational balance: this is why it offers rapid and prolonged pain relief.
SoftMAG Technology can be used anywhere, at any time and for unlimited periods, while daily usage times vary depending on the product.
SoftMAG Technology can partly be considered an evolution of TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation): electricity, which can sometimes lead to contraindications, in our case is replaced by universal magneto-gravitational fields, which act much deeper and broad-spectrum succeeding, among other things, in transmitting small impulses to the brain that induce the release of endorphins, natural defenses that the body normally uses to protect itself from pain.
The greater affinity, however, links SoftMAG Technology to that of MaGravS‘ by Dr. Mehran T. Keshe, based precisely on restoring the natural balance of the magneto-gravitational fields that represent the deepest reality of thought, emotions and matter which he composes any living being and inanimate thing.
SoftMAG Technology proves to be naturally effective precisely because it acts at all levels of our existence, bringing them back gently to their natural balance.

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