SoftMAG Technologies

These are not your usual pain relief products! You may certainly use it as such, however, it will offer you much much more: SoftMAG technology in which its operation is based on, uses wisdom and creation.

In which way?

Man today has understood that matter, and even thoughts, are made up of energy (which we call plasma). Although atoms, living beings, and thoughts may be unique, plasma is the primordial, undifferentiated energy that generates them all. Therefore, studying it, and learning to manage it, is essential to acquiring power over all things on earth. What we are referring to is not a household appliance, neither can it be lit nor powered off. it functions constantly without interruption, and will do so from now until eternity. It does not need batteries: the energy it needs, it acquires directly from nature in conjunction with the “healing” information (based on principles that govern the balance of the world) that you and your loved ones need.
How does it work?

Pain, be it physical or emotional, is a symptom of imbalance. Therefore, if we use the virtues of plasma (the basic substance of the universe), to bring balance to living beings, any form of pain will have a tendency to dissolve. What it is that makes us different from one another? They’re the relationships that we establish with the outside, thus, the way we interact with life itself. These relations are the magnetogravitational fields (MaGrav), naturally emanating from existence. If plasma is unable to interact, it will rapidly dissolve . Therefore, if an atom, thought, or emotion is unable to interact, in short, it “will get sick” and rapidly dissolve. Just think … We’ve discovered that when preventing atoms from interacting, they begin to release energy only to then continue to relate to other particles!

What is life, if not movement, relationships, and participation?

Devices based on SoftMAG technology allow us to use free energy (plasma) and information (principles of the universe) that nature is able to transmit to us to our advantage. By doing so, we get …

Two enormous benefits:

The harmony that regulates the universe comes back to us with so much more energy and immediately begins to restore balance, on the physical as well as on the mental and emotional level.

By accessing higher quantities of energy, along with observing ourselves, and the environment, it becomes easier for us to relate favorably with others and to steer our lives in a positive direction. On the other hand, we hear more often from the scientific world. The eye of the observer influences reality (for example the famous experiment of the two fissures in 1927 that proved it), therefore, will power and conscience matter greatly, much more than we commonly think. Infact, when using SoftMAG technology, improvements in mood and quality of rest, increase dramatically, however, an inner attitude of closure and resentment can greatly alter its effectiveness. Nonetheless, it is certain that this technology will interact with every day life in a positive way. How can the equilibrium of the universe manifest itself differently? What appears to be positive are simply laws that govern the life system that hosts us. Today we know that the matter with which we live with every day, in addition to the three canonical states described in physics (solid, liquid, gas), also exist in three other conditions: nano-solid (reduced powder material consisting of single molecules or even single atoms), nano-gas (atoms that are nearly free of bonds), plasma (pure energy).

Solid > Liquid > Gas > Nano-solid > Nano-gas > Plasma FREE ENERGY

These six states are in constant interaction and transformation with one another. The only element that differentiates them is precisely the amount of free energy that is released from atoms.

As we stated earlier, why does this happen?

Because they need to interact! Infact, it’s this free energy that allows transformations and therefore, changes. Having the ability to manage it therefore means holding the power over one’s life, and SoftMAG technology gives us exactly that: in a gentle way, bringing us balance, it provides us an ocean of energy and wisdom of the universe. It would be extremely beneficial to you, to observe how you react and your insight while using a SoftMAG tool. It is now clear that each one of us, is an active part of life that communicates and interacts ceaselessly even without realizing it. Observation, therefore, will help you understand how strongly we are all caught, at any level, in the great game of existence. It is possible that the goal that led you to purchase this device was simply to “take your pain away” . Now that you know SoftMAG works in conjuction with creation, it is here to give you all the balance and the instinctive wisdom that governs the world; therefore, your thoughts, emotions, and your feelings, can begin to change along with your physicality, because SoftMAG technology takes care of you, and, acting as a messenger, brings harmony back into all dimensions of your life. From the bottom of our hearts, we hope that this harmony will soon provide you the profound joy of feeling part of this universe … which is the biggest, most balanced and vital game – but also the only one – that exists.

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