Green-Shield: our vision, our values, our mission


Our vision

For decades, the people who make up Green Shield have strongly wanted to do research in order to discover the laws that govern the universe and to use them in full harmony, rather than following the current trend of inventing new ways to distort them by adapting to a system always more misaligned by natural balances.


Our values

Green Shield therefore makes its main working tools humility and collective utility. Corporate profit is seen as a result of quality work, rather than a mere and exclusive goal to be achieved. We are convinced that the pleasure of living derives mainly from service, and that this should be understood as the elective way of impressing positive traces in the lives of our neighbor … and with this term, ‘next’, we identify all animal and plant life, not only Humanity.


Our mission

In our opinion there can be well-being only in the presence of harmony, and this can only concern and involve the whole community: every single living being lives well and in pleasure (and pleasure can give to others) if it is able to align itself with the principles which, always and without ceasing, regulate the macrocosm to which we all belong and the microcosms that make up each of us, down to the smallest detail.

Green Shield follows a dream: it intends to donate simple tools that are able to restore well-being, vitality and the pleasure of living to every single living being by magnetically, gravitatively, electrically and chemically reallocating it to the great, majestic currents of life. These currents exist … to realize it, it is sufficient to observe the natural world.
We retrieve them and bring them back to your life … that’s all!

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