What are GaNS (Gas in Nano-State)?

Gans are atoms of a chemical element totally devoid of bonds, which makes them very receptive to the environment and to the magneto-gravitational energies diffused in it. In some ways they have characteristics similar to those of noble gases, yet they represent what we could call a new state of matter.

Some atoms and molecules release and / or absorb magnetic and / or gravitational fields. The released fields are available to be absorbed by other molecules. The Keshe Foundation has developed a way to bring these free fields into the environment within a usable substance that Keshe called GANS.

An organism, for example, will issue fields that it wants to get rid of and absorb fields that it can use or that it urgently needs. The prerequisite is that the appropriate fields for absorption must be available in the immediate environment of the organism.

Different types of GANS can be created with different desirable energy properties that can be used individually or in combination for different applications. Each type of GANS has specific field intensity depending on the plasma elements within the GANS. The use of different GANS “with different field strengths or the use of double nano-coils with plasma batteries causes a direct flow of the field from the strongest fields to the weakest ones.

If these field flows are directed through an organism, the organism has the opportunity to absorb the necessary parts of these field flows or to release a surplus of fields in the environment or can be collected in a usable GANS.

With this technology, the body’s self-healing powers are supported at the level of the fields that build the organism itself. Therefore, the need for chemical agents and processes is not required as healing occurs at the level of the interaction of the magnetic field.

To understand more about plasma technology, about different kind of GaNses, applications and how to self produce them, please visit https://www.lifemagrav.com/category/tecnologia-keshe-le-basi/scienza-del-plasma-keshe/.

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