What is Plasma?

Plasma is also called the 4th state of the matter.

Everything in creation is made up of magnetic fields.

From the strongest Central Sun of the universe,
to the smallest hydrogen atom, all are
made of field of differing strenghts.

The weakest of these is the MATTER STATE
Which is visible to us.
We only see a tiny fraction of the energies of the universe.

Mastering the understanding of even these matter state energies
brings us the new technologies using NANOMATERIALS and GANS.

Nanomaterials which have a looser bonding,
can create superconductivity or become super insulators,
depending how they are aligned.

GANS are mini suns that radiate MaGrav fields
which can give and take energy when they
interact with plants, humans and all creatures.

These plasmatic magnetic fields come together
to create a dynamic entity we can call a PLASMA.

Everything is a PLASMA.
The environment dictates the strenghth
and manifestation of these PLASMAS

The fields given off are termed magnetical fields
while the ones attracted back in are called gravitational fields.

Our thoughts, emotions are also MaGrav fields
OUR SOUL is also a MaGrav field.

Every plasma has within itself,
the strongest point right at the centre.

The source of its expression,
This is the Soul of that being.

Plasma is the science of phisics, chemistry and biology,
brought to us with a NEW understanding and dimension.
It is also the science of the SOUL.

The evolution of humanity has begun, through a
true understanding of our essence and origin.

Knowledge of ourselves as Plasma Beings all
connected to Creator through field within us,
which came from the Creator.

The power of creator radiating from our SOUL

Connected to all,
Our potential is unlimited.

Where science meets the soul

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