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What is Plasma?

When we look into space, what do we see? Do you think this is just empty space?

What is in this “Empty Space” all around us and what is in the “darkness” of space between the planets?

We have understood X-Rays – “energy” that goes through our body to create the X-Ray film.

We have understood Nuclear Radiation – “unseen energy fields” that impact our Health and Environment.

Science has taught us about Infrared , Gamma Radiation, Ultraviolet Light and others. All of these Energies/Fields exist all around us, but we do not see them with our eyes.

This new Science of Plasma – The Science of the Fields, is an extension of what we have already learnt.

There are Magnetic Fields all around us in this “Empty Space” and in the vastness of space.

In taking the next leap forward in Science for Mankind, we are saying that the PLANTS, ANIMALS, ROCKS, INSECTS, PEOPLE, SUN, PLANETS, in fact, everything seen and unseen in our universe, is all made of these Magnetic Fields.

Everything that we see in our universe is made from interacting magnetic fields of different strengths, speeds and densities. From the smallest particles, atoms, molecules, to plants, animals, our world, the planets, our solar system, every galaxy and even the universe. All is an interaction of Fields

A plasma may consist of millions of magnetic fields that come together and interact in a dynamic way.

Magnetical – fields flowing outward from the plasma

Gravitational – fields flowing back into the plasma

Everything within our universe is a plasma, from the smallest atom to grains of sand, a flower, a bird, a tree, the earth, the moon, our sun, our solar system, the galaxies and the universe.


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