Green Shield is a professional partner of NickCalcioBari

Who we are

is an Italian company integrated and focused in favor of human, animal and plant welfare the work of researchers of various origins and preparation, all oriented to the recovery of knowledge of natural secrets.

Our role is to design, manufacture and spread well-being: open-minded and broad-spectrum research, and the creation of simple, effective and natural tools, represent our daily life, which we dedicate to improving the lives of all living beings.
The main core of our staff, in the past, has long been very close to the Keshe Foundation, so much so that we can reproduce the MaGrav technology in full. The SoftMAG line was born thanks to the know-how offered by Dr. Keshe to all the inhabitants of the world, and intends to increase its diffusion together with the well-being that accompanies SoftMAG products.
The solutions for the treatment of pain, already widespread by the Keshe Foundation, suffer in part the limits imposed by the mission of the Foundation itself, which places peace and planetary well-being above all things and therefore, necessarily, focuses on very complex contexts often linked to geopolitics. Green Shield wants to contribute to the general well-being by developing the market niche expressly linked to the treatment of pain, in fact the SoftMAG line integrates many solutions and produces new ones almost every month, offering valid and effective tools, based on a technology already widely tested and sufficient to cover any need related to the alleviation of muscle-bone-joint pain.
Our studies have also allowed us to identify the most suitable materials to protect living beings even from electromagnetic pollution, which has allowed us to integrate CleanWaves Technology into our offer.


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